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About Gloucestershire Weather

The first weather station set-up started here in 2005. It was a Lacross WS-2305 that was connected to the internet and fed the Weather Underground network, records and climate data started to be captured in September 2006. In July 2011 it was upgraded it to a Davis Instruments Vantage Pro2 Wireless 6312. It was further enhanced with the addition of a solar sensor to it in the autumn of 2011, a UV sensor in April 2012 and a suite of soil moisture and temperature probes in the summer of 2012.

Taking inspiration from some excellent independent weather websites around the world why not have one based in Gloucestershire? It started off under the domain in September 2006, but this was soon out-grown, so developed into in December of 2008.

The station was was created as a public service for residents of our surrounding area and others who have an interest in the weather and has expanded to encompass all of Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.
This weather station is privately funded, owned and operated, and is located around our premisis on the outer edge of the Cotswolds.

Where do we cover?

GlosWeather provides forecasts and live weather data to Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds.

Map of Gloucestershire

Website design

  • The website is built in PHP and runs with version 7.0
  • A big thanks goes to TNET Weather, for his help making an easy way to change language between English and Danish on the website.
  • Also a big thanks to Ken True, Saratoga Weather, for his many PHP scripts, which makes the site dynamic and exciting to work with.

We would like to thank the following for their help, dedication and effort:

  • Weather Display core software
  • Henkka at Nordicweather (scripts and designs)
  • Henrik Jessen (scripts and designs)
  • Martyn Hicks - a very nice chap
  • YR NO for their forecast script
  • ECMWF for their forecast data
  • All above I like to thank for their help and suggestions and a lot of cool PHP scripts.

    Description of equipment

    Davis Vantage Pro2 Weather Station:
    ● Davis Vantage Pro2
    ● Davis Solar Senor
    ● Davis UV Sensor
    ● Davis Rain Catcher

    ACER Revo RL80 Server:
    ● Dell Server (from August 2013)
    ● Microsoft® Windows®
    ● Intel® Celeron™ 1007U 1,5 GHz processor
    ● 240 GB SSD Kingston
    ● Ingen skærm
    ● Intel® HD Graphics (HDMI, DVI-I)
    ● WLAN IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n

    ● Logitech (CAMH04IPWE)
    ACER Revo RL80 Software:
    ● Window 8.1 64-bit
    Weather Display
    Teamviewer (Remote access to server)
    Microsoft Essentials Antivirus

    Never base important decisions or events on data from this private weather station, which is offered as a general guide to local conditions only and should not be relied upon in lieu of officially disseminated weather information for the safety and/or protection of person or property.
    really can not be held responsible for events or damage to persons or property, which is caused by forecasts or data from this site

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    Thank you for your support.
    Best regards Steve, site operator,
Snow, Mostly cloudy
Snow, Mostly cloudy
Forest of Dean
Rain, Overcast
Rain, Overcast
Light rain, Mostly cloudy
Light rain, Mostly cloudy
North Cotswolds
Snow, Mostly cloudy
Snow, Mostly cloudy
Light rain, Mist, Mostly cloudy
Light rain, Mist, Mostly cloudy


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  Sunday's Extremes
High Temp: 1.8°C   at  1:09 AM
Low Temp: 0.2°C   at  8:51 AM
Solar High: 33 Wm/2;  at  10:06 AM
Rain Rate: 0.0 mm/hr  at  00:00
Wind Gust: 9.2 mph  at  9:25 AM
Min Windchill: -2.8°C mph  at  9:26 AM
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