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ISS bright UK pass details for July 2020

Times may differ slightly to other sources and can change at short notice, so please check this page daily for accurate timings.

DateBrightnessRises 10° over the horizon (start time)Approaches From (start direction)Highest Point This PassSets/ Goes into Earths Shadow (direction) Goes into Earths ShadowApproximate ISS Pass Details
12 July 2020Incredibly Bright00:49S00:49E00:53Medium Altitude Pass
12 July 2020Incredibly Bright02:23W02:26E02:30Overhead Pass
12 July 2020Incredibly Bright04:00W04:03ESE04:06Overhead Pass
13 July 2020Incredibly Bright01:35WSW01:38E01:42Overhead Pass
13 July 2020Incredibly Bright03:12W03:15ESE03:18Overhead Pass
13 July 2020Incredibly Bright23:11SSW23:14E23:16Medium Altitude Pass
14 July 2020Incredibly Bright00:47WSW00:50E00:54Overhead Pass
14 July 2020Incredibly Bright02:24W02:27E02:30Overhead Pass
14 July 2020Incredibly Bright04:00W04:04SE04:07Medium Altitude Pass
14 July 2020Very Bright22:24S22:26E22:28Low Pass
14 July 2020Incredibly Bright23:59WSW00:02E00:05Overhead Pass
15 July 2020Incredibly Bright01:36W01:39E01:42Overhead Pass
15 July 2020Incredibly Bright03:12W03:16ESE03:19Overhead Pass
15 July 2020Incredibly Bright23:11SW23:14E23:17Medium Altitude Pass
16 July 2020Incredibly Bright00:48W00:51E00:54Overhead Pass
16 July 2020Incredibly Bright02:24W02:28ESE02:31Overhead Pass
16 July 2020Incredibly Bright04:01W04:04SSE04:07Low Pass
16 July 2020Incredibly Bright22:23SW22:26E22:29Medium Altitude Pass
16 July 2020Incredibly Bright23:59WSW00:03E00:06Overhead Pass
17 July 2020Incredibly Bright01:36W01:40ESE01:43Overhead Pass
17 July 2020Incredibly Bright03:13W03:16SSE03:19Medium Altitude Pass
17 July 2020Incredibly Bright23:11WSW23:15E23:18Overhead Pass
18 July 2020Incredibly Bright00:48W00:52E00:55Overhead Pass
18 July 2020Incredibly Bright02:25W02:28SSE02:30Medium Altitude Pass
18 July 2020Incredibly Bright22:24WSW22:27E22:30Overhead Pass
19 July 2020Incredibly Bright00:00W00:04E00:07Overhead Pass
19 July 2020Incredibly Bright01:37W01:40S01:40Disappears Overhead
19 July 2020Incredibly Bright23:12W23:15E23:19Overhead Pass
20 July 2020Incredibly Bright00:49W00:52SE00:53Disappears Overhead
20 July 2020Incredibly Bright22:24WSW22:27E22:31Overhead Pass
21 July 2020Incredibly Bright00:01W00:04ESE00:06Overhead Pass
21 July 2020Incredibly Bright23:13W23:16E23:19Overhead Pass
22 July 2020Incredibly Bright22:25W22:28E22:31Overhead Pass
23 July 2020Incredibly Bright00:01W00:05SSE00:05Ends before horizon
23 July 2020Incredibly Bright23:13W23:17ESE23:18Overhead Pass
24 July 2020Incredibly Bright22:25W22:29ESE22:32Overhead Pass
25 July 2020Incredibly Bright00:02W00:05SW00:05Short Medium Altitude Pass
25 July 2020Incredibly Bright23:14W23:17SSE23:18Overhead Pass
26 July 2020Incredibly Bright22:26W22:29SE22:31Overhead Pass
27 July 2020Incredibly Bright21:38W21:41ESE21:44Overhead Pass
27 July 2020Very Bright23:15W23:17SSW23:18Short Low Pass
28 July 2020Incredibly Bright22:26W22:29SSE22:31Medium Pass
29 July 2020Incredibly Bright21:38W21:41SE21:44Overhead Pass
30 July 2020Bright22:27W22:29S22:31Low Pass
31 July 2020Very Bright21:39W21:41SSE21:44Medium Altitude Pass
02 Aug 2020Bright21:40WSW21:41SSW21:43Low Pass


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      High Temp: 11.7°C   at  12:00 AM
      Low Temp: 11.0°C  at 2:32 AM
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      UV High: 0.0  at  12:00 AM
      Max Gust: 13.8 mph at 1:00 AM
      Min Windchill: 11.0°C  at  2:32 AM
      High Temp: 35.0°C   on  11/2/2020
      Low Temp: -10.1°C on 30/1/2010
      Wettest: 80.2 mm  on  20/7/2007
      UV High: 15.1  at  2/8/2019
      Max Gust: 251.9 mph at 18/1/2020
      Min Windchill: -11.0°C  at  31/1/2019
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      High Temp: 35.0°C   on  11/2/2020
      Low Temp: -10.1°C on 30/1/2010
      Wettest: 80.2 mm  on  20/7/2007
      UV High: 15.1  at  2/8/2019
      Max Gust: 251.9 mph at 18/1/2020
      Min Windchill: -11.0°C  at  31/1/2019